NYT article on snack moguls’ obesity meetup

Check out this New York Times article featuring the leaders of your favorite snack companies discussing the obesity epidemic.

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Toasted Sesame Tortilla Chips from Food Should Taste Good

Sesame is a surprising ingredient. Though small, it tends to add a soft fat and nutty scent that can both mute a harsh taste or make a bland food such as rice, quite interesting.

This is the case with these Toasted Sesame tortilla chips from the brand Food Should Taste Good.

I pick these up every few weeks or so.  The bag is reasonably full but I think they could fatten it up a little more. You might find these in the organic or gluten free aisles so as far as price goes, it could vary. Still, I haven’t found a better tortilla chip that I eat by itself. However, add sour cream to this and it’s even more pleasing.

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Popcorn gets a good rep for having antioxidants

Article at Science Daily – Popcorn has more healthful antioxidant substances called “polyphenols” than fruits and vegetables.


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It was Oreo that copied Hydrox

I didn’t know the story of Oreo or Hydrox. I know I like Oreo a little better, at least have in the past. It’s been a while since I had Hydrox though.

Just because practically every grocery store has it’s own store brand of cheap sandwich cookies, I assumed Oreo (better graphics, cookie strength & cocoa bitterness in the cookie) was first and Hydrox a close second. Nope, Hydrox is the original. Makes you want to give them your money doesn’t it?

The Hydrox Cookie

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Snackfood history from Delish

Nice little set of historical tidbits on snack history at Delish.com. It’s not comprehensive or anything but is interesting.

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How to make soft pretzel bites

Great article over at the website Two Peas and Their Pod on creating soft pretzel bites. Just in time for the superbowl, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’d eat these anytime though.


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The design of the Oreo

Among the long list of things you probably don’t care about but will still distract you, Time.com has a piece on the design of the Oreo cookie. You know that sort of floral pattern embossed on the 2 sides? Article here

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Ice Cream Sandwich slideshow

The New Yorker features a fun slideshow about summer treats.  Give it a look.

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Make Wholesome, Homemade Pop-Tarts – via lifehacker

I thought this article at lifehacker was really good. A how-to for home made poptarts. I’ve always loved the texture of poptarts but have been disappointed by the execution most of the time. Especially with any of the non-red fruit color ones, such as chocolate or cinnamon. They are always quite gross. If you want it done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself!

Make Wholesome, Homemade Pop-Tarts. – @lifehacker

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Cheetos Mighty Zingers All Good

I gotta tell you. I can’t keep these Cheetos under wraps. Even that I know that Cheetos don’t have much nutritional benefit, the flavors are outstanding on these Cheetos Mighty Zingers and deserve to be known and hopefully to stick around a while. You can get them in 3 combination flavors that I’ve found. Ragin Cajun & Tangy Ranch, Sharp Cheddar & Salsa Picante and Crazy Cheddar & Wicked Picante.

Cheetos Mighty Zingers - 2 Flavors Pictured

Where I really compliment the makers of this snack is the bag sizes. The small size I’ve seen at gas stations is more narrow and bigger than a single serving snack bag. Something about this just works better to me. I bet it’s a smarter way to transport. I think you’ll see snacks using these bags more often.

They combine flavors in these Cheetos. Big deal right, Willy Wonka’s Nerds have been combined for ages. So what? Right, I’m not writing because this is revolutionary. It’s just worth mentioning ok so get off my back and go get yourself a bag. Try all the flavors I think you’ll like them. Just snack in moderation because you’ll want to finish them way too fast. Also if you like the snack and become obsessed you can even become a fan on facebook of Cheetos Mighty Zingers.

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